11.01.2015 - "Three Faces Of Antoiné"

Hi there!
Our third album - "Three Faces Of Antoiné" is almost ready. Guitars, bass, drums and a lot of keyboards are completed and everything else is under work now. Stay tuned for more!

28.02.2014 - Building up some guitar sound

Sami have started to record tracks for Status Minor's third album.


01.02.2014 - Three Faces Of Antoine

Hello everybody. Status Minor is starting to record their 3rd full album. The Album will be a lot of different than Dialog or Ouroboros was. At first Rolle will record his duties and we continue with guitars after that. We have seven new songs to record and there will be some special tracks too. Whole album have a somekind of "masterplan" but it's not a theme album. We are ready!

09.08.2013 - Prog Power Compilation CD

Status Minor's song "SMILE" will be in Prog Power USA Compilation CD (2013), It is so exciting. Status Minor is pushing ahead to next album. Status Minor musicians have been busy with their co-bands Stratovarius, Thunderstone, Kenziner and The Ragged Saints, check out if you can!
Stay progressive!

25.03.2013 - A lot of new songs...

Status Minor has composed new music in recent months. Now demanding the composing process is basically complete. New music will challenge the audience more.

Other news: Rolf is touring with Stratovarius (a lot!), Markku and Jukka are working with another Finnish guitarist Jarno Keskinen (Kenziner) and Markku also sang all the songs of The Ragged Saints debut album earlier this year. Eero is playing in multible projects and Jukka have some activities with too. So we have been busy.
Stay progressive!

29.08.2012 - Status Minor is working with new songs

Yes, we are composing new songs now. Sami, Markku and Jukka have finished two new songs: "Tunnel" and "Bruises". New songs are more individual song with progressive attitude. We found some reviews of Ouroboros album and they are listed under this section. (also in media-site)

24.05.2012 - OUROBOROS arvio - arvio

22.05.2012 - OUROBOROS review - review

13.05.2012 - OUROBOROS arvio - Arvio

06.05.2012 - Ouroboros-kilpailun voittajat

Huhtikuun lopulla sivustoilla olleen Status Minor-Ouroboros kilpailu on ratkennut. Tällä kertaa voittajiksi selvisivät:

Maija Viitala

Marko Tammisto

Sami Toikka

Onnittelut ja tervetuloa Bar Bäkkäriin keikalle 15.6.2012
Status Minor soittaa illan kolmantena bändinä

05.05.2012 - OUROBOROS reviews - Review - Review

24.04.2012 - OUROBOROS reviews - Review - Review

20.04.2012 - OUROBOROS reviews

Dangerdog - Review

Inferno magazine (fin) review 4.5/5 in April 2012 magazine

18.04.2012 - OUROBOROS review - Review


16.04.2012 - OUROBOROS review - Review

14.04.2012 - OUROBOROS review - Review

11.04.2012 - OUROBOROS review - Review

20.03.2012 - OUROBOROS Lion Music

Ouroboros album details Lion Music

08.03.2012 - OUROBOROS Japan release

Ouroboros Japan release date is 25.04.2012. Japan version include a bonus song, "Verge Of Sanity". Label in Japan is BICKEE MUSIC, get ready!


06.03.2012 - OUROBOROS European release

Ouroboros European release date is 25.04.2012. Distributor in Finland is SUPERSOUNDS, more info soon.


24.2.2012 - Next Live show!

At finally we got a gig - in Helsinki, Bar Bakkari at 15.6.2012 with wonderful prog metal bands: Adamantra, Reversion and Amoth.


20.2.2012 - Ouroboros release in April 2012


It is so happy to tell you that Ouroboros release is in April via LION MUSIC. More info soon!


08.12.2011 - Ouroboros cover art

Hi everybody!

At finally we can show you Ouroboros cover art. Made by Andre Beckston (monowasp)


22.11.2011 - New promo pictures...

Hi everybody! Here is a new promo picture of Status Minor. More pictures in BAND site.


19.11.2011 - New album teaser of Ouroboros

Check out our new teaser audiovideo of Ouroboros

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